I kept the last…

I kept the last nappy long after it was not required anymore. I was quick to throw the last onesie that belonged to my youngest. I was quicker to throw out the baby toys, the baby shoes and even the pram. I wondered if I was so different to the other mums I read about who savored the ‘lasts’.

But when it was time for me to clean up my toddler’s cupboard who was no longer one as he had turned into a pre-schooler, ready for big school the following year, I packed up every ‘little’ item, ready to be disposed in the street charity bins. But there was something about the open bag of nappies that I couldn’t part with. I fought with myself and negotiated just the last four to be kept and stored. I agreed with myself to leave it in the boot of my car so I could throw them out anytime.

I convinced myself that I was keeping them ‘just in case’. What if I am in a place with no toilets and my young one really needs to relieve himself. I would magically take out the nappy and put it on him to help him out. I of course knew all the while that he wouldn’t even let me put on a nappy as he was a ‘big boy’ now.

I guess there is a part of him I am not ready to part with. The part that is mine and will always belong to me. I am not sure when I will be finally ready to throw the last nappies out, but I am not ready for him to grow up so fast, just yet. I am so proud to see my elder one growing into the beautiful girl she is becoming. But with the littleness of our nest flying away quicker than I thought, the nappies are all I have left of my nestlings.

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