Premium Photo | Girl sitting on the hill and looks into the distance of the  forest and the river.

Can a song sung ever be un-sung?

Or will my heart always be humming at the sound of the familiar rhythm?

Can music played ever be un-played?

Or will my ears always keep listening to the same notes of music?

Can words spoken ever be un-spoken?

Or will my mouth always keep whispering the same words with every thought?

Can a moment seized ever be un-seized?

Or will my mind always be taken back in time with the slightest flash of memory?

Can an experience lived ever be un-lived?

Or will my soul always keep reliving the feeling again and again?

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  1. Neera Handa says:

    Oh That’s so beautiful! Can the sung songs be unsung!! Such pathos in this line, to get one more chance to undo the done, to rub off the written, to forget and start anew! But past is always there, part of our present! Your poetry touches my heart Chandni! Wonderful. And the image you’ve selected too!!


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